1. Background and brand proposition

HMA, now in its 12th year is totally committed to keeping healthcare managers, clinicians and leaders updated on worldwide healthcare management thinking and experience while creating a real and virtual forum for regional networking of healthcare managers.

The conference topics are meant to be immediately useful “how to” tools. At the same time, there are thought- leading topics for the plenary sessions, CEO Forum and Health Leaders Summit that are targeted at senior and top executives.

HMA’s mission is to help healthcare managers improve and succeed. It directs itself to the continuing professional development of healthcare managers, clinicians and leaders in an environment of quality intellectual learning and quiet social exchanges.

Inherent in its branding is that the HMA is Asia’s Premier Learning CONFERENCE and EXPO for Healthcare Managers. HMA updates delegates on best management practices in the industry. It is a teaching, learning and networking convention.

The 2013 event is scheduled for Bangkok on September 12/13. There are in depth pre and post conference seminars on September 11 and 14.


2. Why HMA is very successful

HMA approaches its tasks with professionalism, integrity and transparency. HMA always works in consultation with its stakeholders – delegates, partners, associations, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and staff. Priority is given to the needs of delegates. Consider de rigueur:
• There is a genuine effort to generate extensive feedback on which decisions are based. Stakeholders know that when they suggest a path not borne out by delegate feedback, HMA follows the delegates’ feedback.
• Topic and speaker selection goes through a rigorous process of research and consultation, including but not limited to asking thousands of healthcare managers their preferences
• The venue is selected based on an analysis of two key criteria: Cost and ease of travel for overseas delegates and sufficient local delegates to match overseas participation.
• The Awards categories are selected to match the subject tracks and teaching mission of HMA. Judges are industry leaders, consultants, and professors from different countries. A separate panel is appointed for each category.
• There is always an expo located within the event itself and acts as a meeting place of sponsors, delegates, speakers, healthcare associations and solutions suppliers.
• The organization is flawless, nothing is left to chance, the ambience is friendly and yet professional, and the schedule is both “busy” and relaxed.
• There are always matchless fun social activities



Exedra Events as the organizers, take the financial risk and the profit with a policy of keeping rates reasonable and quality high – consistent with its educational mission.

Exedra Events also organizes the Asian Publishing Convention (APC) and the Asian Publishing Awards. Please visit EXEDRA EVENTS: for more information.


The Advisory Board is composed of representatives from the HMA’s major sponsors and partners. Last year, it was composed of representatives from Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Joint Commission International, KM&T, International Hospital Federation, Asian Hospital Federation and other hospital associations and major sponsors.


3. HMA Objectives and Target audience

3.1) HMA Objectives

a) To offer healthcare managers the opportunity to learn specific tools and techniques to do their jobs better, in an environment of quality learning and peer networking
b) To present how-to, skills-related workshops, run only by experienced professors and industry experts
c) To bring together healthcare managers from different parts of Asia Pacific, in the belief that this fusion is conducive to the broadening of the mind and the extension of contacts of the participants
d) To provide a forum to update and review best management practices in hospitals
e) To enhance the learning environment with an exhibition of the latest products, services and professional solutions that can increase their productivity and improve the quality of their hospitals and their departments’ services.

In other words:
HMA brings Worldwide Healthcare Management Thinking and Experience to Asia. HMA helps healthcare managers succeed and improve.

HMA assembles world-class practitioners and experts to share their insights, skills and practical tips with managers of hospitals in Asia. Hence the tag line: Asia’s Premier Learning CONFERENCE and EXPO for Healthcare Managers.

HMA clearly recognizes the reality and the challenge that indeed service can be improved; that it is truly the venue to accelerate the learning process. It is THE networking platform.

3.2) HMA Target Audiences
a) Senior hospital and healthcare executives, heads and managers of the various hospital departments
b) Top management of hospitals especially those from smaller hospitals
c) Section chiefs especially from large hospitals
d) Medical professionals interested in the administration and operations of hospitals
e) Solutions providers who want to market their products, services and technologies to healthcare managers


4. The HMA Program: Topics, Speakers & Insights

The HMA program calls for:
a) Vastly practical ‘How to do it’ approach, de-mystifying the process and breaking it down into steps
b) Thought-leading insights from industry leaders
c) Speakers selected for their track record to teach well
d) Sharing of experiences and best practices
e) Solutions providers interact with healthcare managers

The eight tracks planned for 2013 are:
1. General Administration
2. Departmental Operations Efficiency
3. Managing Patient Safety
4. Quality Management and Customer Service
5. Essential Skills for Healthcare managers
6. Marketing, Sales and PR for Hospitals
7. Management Talent for Healthcare managers
8. Clinical Practice Improvement

Speakers are invited from the U.S., Europe and Asia representing a cross section from the academe, hospital executives and industry experts.


5. Elements of the Convention

HMA’s program includes a combination of plenary sessions and workshops and demonstrations on up-to-date best hospital management practices. The emphasis is on “nuts and bolts”, “how to” workshops. Program elements include:

5.1) Plenary Sessions: Thought-leaders identify the hospital management trends and innovations of the times, and the implications for healthcare managers.

5.2) Special Interest Sessions: Delegates will choose from no fewer than 40 information-packed workshops in eight subject tracks

5.3) Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA) – recognize and promote good management practices in hospitals and are presented during HMA’s Gala Dinner. There are nine award categories and one Grand Award for Hospital of the Year.

5.4) Exhibitor Clinics – are opportunities for Exhibitors to demonstrate their solutions in pre-scheduled learning sessions.

5.5) Hospital Trends Expo: – held within the Conference hotel, showcases the latest solutions, products and technologies designed for healthcare managers to improve quality, reduce costs, and increase the productivity of their departments.

5.6) The CEO Forum: The Forum offers CEOs an opportunity to interact, share with each other and learn from Gurus specially invited for the purpose.

5.7) Health Leaders Summit: Local and regional health leaders from both the private and public sector attend a special session on the second day. A roundtable discussion takes place on topics that concern the industry.

5.8) Best Practice Presentations by Award Finalists: 15 to 20 past and current finalists of the Asian Hospital Management Awards make presentations of their winning projects with a view to sharing best practices. Judges moderate the presentations.

5.9) Conference Website: Featuring updates about the event, schedules, registrations and inquiries, FAQs, a picture gallery of previous events, workshop notes and background information about the healthcare organizations and corporate partners.

5.10) Fellowship Night And Welcome Reception: An evening of camaraderie and merriment. There is music and trivia questions with many raffle prizes.

5.11) Back-To-Back Pre-conference Events: HMA 2013 will be held back-to-back with pre and post conference seminars conducted by international experts. These are for topics that need to be covered in more depth than is possible within HMA proper. These are generally whole day and half day seminars as well as tutorials/clinics on various aspects of hospital management and personal development.


6. Two-Day Format

Putting it all together!

In just two days, the delegates to the annual Hospital Management Asia event will sharpen their skills, expand their thinking, increase their expertise, augment their network and become more inspired to achieve even higher levels of service excellence. It is a rare opportunity to network with fellow professionals from all over the region who share the same challenges.

The main event starts at 9 o’clock of the first day, with a plenary session and three sets of Special Interest Sessions (SIS) or concurrent workshops and the opening of the Hospital Trends Expo. The first day also features the CEO Forum.

In the evening is the Grand Opening Reception and Fellowship night.

The second day likewise starts with a plenary, followed by one more set of workshops. The event is capped by the Gala Dinner and the ceremonies of the Hospital Management Awards on the second day.


The tentative schedule for HMA 2013 is shown below:

September 12, Thursday

0900-1030 Plenary I, II & III
1030-1130 Networking Break (Expo Hall)
1130-1300 Special Interest Sessions A (8 concurrent sessions)
1300-1430 Lunch
1430-1600 Special Interest Sessions B
1600-1700 Networking Break (Expo Hall)
1700-1830 Special Interest Sessions C & CEO Forum
1830-2000 Welcome Reception and Fellowship Night
2000-2100 Free Time

September 13, Friday

0900-1030 Plenary IV, V & VI
1030-1130 Networking Break (Expo Hall)
1130-1300 Special Interest Sessions D
1300-1430 Lunch
1430-1600 Special Interest Sessions E
1600-1700 Networking Break (Expo Hall)
1700-1830 Asian Health Leaders Summit, Hospital Solutions Clinics & Best Practices Presentations
1830-1900 Free Time
1900-2100 Gala Dinner and Asian Hospital Management Awards Ceremonies


Contact: Jemah Monforte, Event Manager, Tel: (+632) 846 8339.


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